This week's Comment

I took the gondola up Grouse ​​Mountain for the first time in ​ the​ last few years. There were some piles of snow over 2 meters still and I was told that Grouse Grind is still under maintenance. It doesn't look like temperature will rise above 20​c this week while my thought goes to the growth of vegetables.
Children's summer break is around the corner while sight of limousine taking graduates are common. Yes, June is half gone now. Hope real summer is coming soon .

  1. From Amandah’s Farm(Lytton, BC)
    * Eggs from variety of chickens

  2. From Miles' Farm (Richmond, BC)
    * Garlic Scapes
    * Nira (Japanese Garlic Chives).
    * Collard
    * Lettuce Romaine & Red Leaf

  3. This Week's Special:
    * Apple Cameo $5.99/3lbs bag (Reg.$2.50/lb)
    * Potatoes Yellow $4.50/3lbs bag (Reg.$1.95/lb)
    * Tomatoes Roma $4.95/2lbs bag ( Reg.$3.50/lb)
    * Spinach $8.95/2bunches (Reg.$4.95/bunch)
    * Konbu Flakes (Haida Gwaii) $7.95/pack (Reg.$8.95)
    * Sweet Corn Bi-Color $5.50/3pcs (Reg.$1.99/each)

  4. We have this week:
    * Nectarine White / Red Grapes / Watermelon / Strawberries