This week's Comment

Lovely Vancouver summer!
Surrounded by vivid green and flowers, I am so thankful for the sun's blessing.
Our sun deck has been in full use drying shiitake mushroom, daikon etc.
School is out now! Time to enjoy the sun! Happy 150th Canada Day!
We are open on today and tomorrow as usual. We are closed on Monday (July 3rd).

  1. From Miles' Farm (Richmond, BC) :
      * Sugar Snap Peas  $4.95/bag
      * Basil $4.95/bag
      * Nappa Cabbage $3.95/lb
      * Romaine Lettuce $3.50/each 

  2. From other Local Farms :
      * Daikon with Leaves $2.75/lb
      * Nozawana   $3.50/bunch
      * Pea Tips  $4.95/bag

  3. Plants available:
      * Ao-Shiso, Japanese Cucumber,
      Shishito Peppers, Japanese Tomato etc.

  4. This Week's Special:
      * Potatoes Red& Yukon….$5.99/3lbs bag   (Reg.$2.50/lb)
      * Violet Rice $8.50/700g (Reg. $ 9.50)
      * Cameo Apple $5.99/3lbs(Reg.$2.50/lb)

  5. Tama’s Kitchen:
      * Vegan Lunch Box $14.95,
      Wrap & Sandwich  $9.50,
      Power Smoothie$8.50

    Thank you!