This week's Comment

The delicate pink and white cherry blossom’s beauty catches our eyes even in this soggy weather. We are anxiously waiting for a sunny day. It should be the time to change the tires, but glancing over the snow-covered North Shore Mountains, it’s hard to believe it is already April. Are we in another ice age? We hope sensitive crops don’t suffer damage from this severe weather…. let’s not forget to show appreciation for Mother Earth!

  1. Easter Long Weekend Schedule
     - We are open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
     - We will be closed on Easter Monday

  2. From Tama’s Kitchen
    -Vegan Bento Box $14.95 + GST

    We use biodegradable paper box, so please bring
    the box back to Tama if the lid is clean. We reuse
    them as trays for fruits and veggies during the

    Bento box is ready at 11:00 am, but reservation is
    required if there are any special requests.

    - Onigiri (Brown rice ball) $3.50
    - Nettle Miso Soup $3.95
    - Wrap & Sandwich $9.50
      Wrap & Sandwich are served with our signature
       sauce loaded with veggies!
    - $6.95/per pack:
       Nettle & Cilantro Pesto (for crackers, pasta or
      Kale Hummus/ Beet Hummus / Amazake
    - $4.95/per pack:
       Mix Kinpira (carrot, beet and Burdock root) /
       Anko (red bean paste)
    - $3.95/per pack:
       Yam Amazake Mousse (Dessert without
       any sugar used)
    - Others:
       Natto/ Konnyaku / Brown Rice Mochi

  3. Umeboshi (Japanese pickled plum) $13.95
    Very soft and delicious local product

  4. Fresh Wasabi from Vancouver Island
    Leave one minute after shredding from the
    bottom for better flavor.

  5. Stinging Nettle from Sunshine Coast
    $4.95/0.25lb bag $8.99/2 bags or $15.00/1lb
    Try drying them and make tea.
    You can enjoy them through the winter.

  6. This Week’s Specials:
    - Carrot bunch with leaves $2.95
    - Brussel Sprout $5.50/lb,
    - Strawberry $5.50,
    - Green/Black Kale
       $5.99/2bunches (Reg. $3.50/each)
    - Red Bell Pepper $3.50/two (Reg. $4.50/lb)
    - Romaine Lettuce$9.99/two ($5.95/each)
    - BC Red Potatoes $2.99/3lbs bag,
       $4.95/5lbs bag (Reg.$1.50/lb)
    - Saba (Mackerel) $6.95 / two (Reg. $7.50/pack)

  7. Ramen Noodle $3.50/three (Reg.$1.50)

  8. Beautiful Succulent pots will come back
    to Tama soon!

    <Hiroko’s pick of this week>
    Fresh Shiitake mushroom and Oyster mushroom

    Try our Vegan Bento Box loaded with flavor!
    Have a wonderful week!